End of Holiday Season Reveals Yearly High for Tech Stocks

Brittany Vincent

It looks like 2014 might be a profitable year as well

The tech industry has seen a hefty rise this holiday season, with stock prices remaining at their yearly highs. TechSpot reports 45 tech IPOs out of the United States over the past year, which happens to be the most seen since thirteen years ago in 2000. The forecast for 2014 is looking awfully sweet as well, with mobile game and storage companies looking to enter the fold.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, giants like Google, Yahoo, and Twitter are taking the cake. According to reports from AllThingsD , Google's shares are up 58 percent at $1,118. Facebook's shares hit their stride after last year's frustrating decrease with stocks up 117 percent on the year. Twitter is at $70 a share as well, with the social networking giant having tripled its IPO price announced a few months ago.

It's been a prosperous year for these companies for sure, and with names like Square, Zoosk, Dropbox, developer King, and Alibaba Group going public in 2014, things will likely be on the rise from here on out.

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