Elpida Completes Development of Super Fast 2Gb GDDR5 Chip

Paul Lilly

Elpida, a global supplier of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), today announced that it had completed development of a high-density, high-speed 2Gb (that's giga bit , not giga byte ) GDDR5 chip built on a 50nm manufacturing process.

This is Elpida's first foray into the graphics DRAM market, and not a bad way to make a splash. Developed at the company's Munich Design Center in Germany, the 50nm chip uses copper interconnects and boasts low power consumption. By jumping straight to 2Gb, Elpida's chips can be used in everything from game consoles to PC graphics cards, as well as other equipment that can benefit from high-performance memory in areas such as physical simulation, digital image processing, and video conversion, Elpida says.

Elpida's chip, which is rated at up to 7Gbps, will begin sampling to hardware vendors in July 2010. Mass production is expected to kick off in the third quarter of 2010.

Image Credit: Elpida

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