Element14 Introduces Raspberry Pi Projects Portal and 8GB Board Bundle

Paul Lilly

New website caters to Raspberry Pi modders of all skill levels

Want to see detailed steps on how to turn the Raspberry Pi into a fully functional laptop? How about directions for controlling a Raspberry Pi with an Xbox 360 controller? Both are fairly easy to accomplish in the grand scheme of the things, but if you're new to the world of modding and mini PCs, it can be a little daunting. Hence part of the reason Element14 went and created Raspberry Pi Projects , a website that caters to Raspberry Pi owners of any and all skill levels.

"One of the main things we hear from our Raspberry Pi customers is how they want to challenge themselves and take on more complex projects," said Dianne Kibbey , Global Head of Community, element14. "Our Community members have come up with some amazing projects and the Raspberry Pi Projects Group is a great way of bringing this all together and allowing others to try it for themselves."

In addition to the new website, Element 14 is launching an 8GB Raspberry Pi bundle. For $40, this bundle includes a Model B unit and 8GB SD card with all six of the official Raspberry Pi Foundation approved operating systems preloaded on the memory card. Even with the OSes, there's still plenty of space to store projects, Element14 says.

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