Electrical Cables Catch on Fire at Foxconn Plant

Paul Lilly

A manufacturing plant belonging to Hon Hai Precision Co Ltd. (better known as Foxconn) in China caught on fire due to faulty electrical cables on the building's rooftop. Photos appearing on Chinese news sites show black smoke billowing from the plant, and there's at least one YouTube video making the rounds, embedded below.

A Foxconn spokesman told Reuters that the fire has been extinguished with no loss of life involved. The spokesman also said the fire and subsequent damage won't have any effect on Foxconn's overall operations. That's good news for Apple, Dell, and other tech giants who outsource at least some production to Foxconn. Apple is one Foxconn's bigger clients, which contracts Foxconn to build iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices.

The fire is just the latest in a string of challenges Foxconn has faced, some of them self inflicted. Some workers and investigative reporters have accused Foxconn of low pay and poor working conditions in the past, leading several employees to jump off buildings and commit suicide.

Credit to [H]ardOCP for the YouTube linkage.

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