Effort to Transition Chrome to BoringSSL Underway

Pulkit Chandna

BoringSSL is a fork of OpenSSL

An effort is currently underway to switch Google Chrome over to BoringSSL, an OpenSSL fork the search engine giant announced last month . Weaning the world’s most popular browser off of the two cryptographic software libraries it currently uses (OpenSSL on Android and Mozilla NSS on all other platforms) is proving somewhat difficult at this early stage, though.

There have been a number of issues ever since developers first began adding BoringSSL code to Chromium earlier this month. Just take a look at this recent revision note by Google engineer David Benjamin : “This is a reland of r284079 which was reverted in r284248 for components build issues. That, in turn, was a reland of r283813 which was reverted in r283845 because it broke WebRTC tests on Android. That, in turn, was a reland of r283542 which was reverted in r283591 because it broke the WebView build.”

“This [the switch to BoringSSL] is a much larger change than its diff suggests.” Benjamin wrote further. “If it breaks something, please revert first and ask questions later.”

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