Eee PC 1000H Gets a $100 Price Drop


PC enthusiasts have reason to grin these days, because never has the market been as price friendly as it is right now. Just a shade over $100 suddenly gets you an overclockable Core 2 Duo , and it's not just Intel slashing prices either. Videocards have dropped in price so fast that at least two suppliers ( XFX and Evga ) are giving early adopters cash back. Prefer an ultraportable over a desktop? No problem, Asus has your back.

There was no announcement, but Engadget reports the Eee PC 1000H can now be had for $100 less than just one week ago. And they're right. A quick jaunt to Newegg verifies the price drop, though it's currently out of stock until Friday. Could this be a sign that the ultraportable market is heating up for a price war?

Image Credit: Hothardware

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