ECS Unveils X79R-AX Stealth Motherboard Concept

Paul Lilly

Whether you're a fan of the stealth design or not, you have to hand it to ECS for thinking outside the box on this one. The company posted on Facebook a picture of its X79R-AX Stealth, currently a concept motherboard unique in the fact that the majority of the printed circuit board (PCB) is hidden beneath a shroud that protects all the digital bits from damage, dust, and everything else.

"Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but functional, as well," ECS posted on its Facebook page . "The motherboard housing or shroud protects against damage to the delicate components and parts while acting as an umbrella to cooling systems (heatsinks and heatpipes)."

ECS claims overheating isn't a concern because "exhaust vents allow air to escape and store unit fans, if necessary." The question, however, is whether you'd actually buy something like this or not. ECS is asking people to voice their opinions, and so far reactions to the stealth design are mixed.

What do you think of the stealth design?

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