EcoRAM Set to Cut Power Consumption in Data Centers


Spansion , a joint venture of AMD and Fujitsu has revealed a new class of memory, called EcoRAM, which is designed to solve the growing energy consumption crisis in Internet data centers, by replacing power-hungry DRAM in data center servers. When it is combined with Virident Systems, Inc.'s new GreenGateway technology EcoRAM can help slash energy consumption by up to 75 percent in Internet data center servers, and offer four times the memory capacity of traditional DRAM-only servers for the same energy consumption.

According to reports from Dr. Jonathan Koomey, a Consulting Professor at Stanford University, between 2000 and 2005, data center energy consumption doubled, from a total of 71 billion kilowatt hours per year (kWh/yr) to over 150 billion kWh/yr.

Spansion EcoRAM transcends other memory alternatives, with significant potential benefits such as:
  • Read performance to meet the requirements for fast random access
  • 1/8 the energy consumption of DRAM
  • 10x the reliability compared to DRAM
  • Die densities two-to-four times greater than conventional floating gate NOR
  • Write performance two-to-ten times greater than that of traditional NOR Flash memory
The technology is bound to soon find it’s way into consumer level products. The low power requirements could have an impact in laptops and UMPCs and the performance is sure to attract the interest of PC enthusiasts. More in-depth information is available here .

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