EBay Develops Mediation Tool for Settling Unpaid Item Disputes


One the biggest concerns sellers have when using eBay is that a buyer will not cough up the cash for the purchased item. EBay has continually evolved the rules regarding the buyer-seller transactions and has taken another step forward to protect against thievery.

EBay developed a more streamlined and automated unpaid item dispute process. Most of the changes come from sliced-down time windows. Where it used to take up to 60 days to resolve a dispute, they have cut that time down to 30 days. Further, the seller only has 32 days to report the dispute down from 45 days but you can begin filing 4 days (down from 7) after the item was sold. They reduced the number of forms and amount of communication the seller needs to have with the buyer.
The new rules take effect immediately.

I am not a power seller on eBay, but I generally do not ship an item until payment has been confirmed and most people I have purchased from work it the same way. One might wonder if they’ll make an equally streamlined process for the item-never-received problems.

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