Eat Your Heart Out, John Adams


Whilst the rest of you are out celebrating awesome things like independence , illegal fireworks and massive alcohol consumption tomorrow, I will be stuck indoors, putting a ton of stuff in boxes in preparation for an upcoming apartment move.  Awesome.  But I'm not actually that sad about my "wasted" holiday.  No, in the spirit of our forefathers, I've been digging deep, trying find an appreciation for what it means to be American on July 4.  And after a morning's worth of thought, and two Mountain Dews, the answer has finally come to me.   It's ingenuity -- the ol' "I can do anything" American spirit.  That's what tomorrow is all about...  especially if you're a geek:

The Beer PC

Unfortunately, we lack precious information as to the exact nature of the fabled "Beer PC."  What kind of processor is it running?  What keeps the beer cool?  Heck, what kind of beer is it, and how much of it doth said rig store?  Critical details indeed, because if this is some kind of Natural Light machine, you can just count me right out.  I'll stick with Mountain Dew .

The Alcoholic Impersenator

If you don't want your case to become a microbrewery, but still want to provide the illusion that you're every big as hip as your stout-celebrating friends, try the illusion approach.  Just replace the walls of your case with the sides of a beer case.  You get one bonus, "life of the party" point for every beer you can insert back into the case when you're done.

The Recycled Barbeque

Firing this up will utterly destroy your chassis, but damn, look at those tasty burgers .  You might want to take out all the potentially melting bits before you start your grillin', howeve.  Nothing ruins the sweet savor of steak like... burnt plastic.

Don't.  Use.  Charcoal.

Rounding out our July 4 list is the ever-impressive (and aptly named) BBQPC. While the machine has since been disassembled, perhaps to make room for... an actual... barbeque, we can all take a moment to "relish" in the history of such a fun-looking rig.  If only it was a quad-core setup; you might have actually been able to grill a hot dog.

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