Earth is Round (Aristotle), but Global Chip Sales are Flat (IDC)

Paul Lilly

The Flat Earth Society has it all wrong, it's not the third rock from the Sun that is flat, but microprocessor chip sales. That's the conclusion reached by the International Data Corporation (IDC), a market research firm tasked with figuring such things out. According to IDC, worldwide PC processor shipments in the second quarter of 2011 dipped 2.9 percent compared to the first quarter and were downright flat compared to the same quarter one year ago, rising a measly 0.6 percent.

In terms of revenue, the PC processor market market collected $9.49 billion. That's down 4 percent compared to the first quarter, but up 5.4 percent compared to 2Q10. The market did, however, benefit from an extra week of sales.

"The first quarter of 2011 was better than most first quarters due to the extra calendar week," said Shane Rau , director of Semiconductors: Personal Computing research at IDC. "So the sequential comparison isn't surprising. If we took off that extra week, the performance between the two quarters probably would've seen a slight sequential uptick from 1Q to 2Q."

IDC pegs Intel's overall market share of the global processor market at 79.3 percent, a loss of 1.5 percent from one quarter ago. Meanwhile, AMD gained 1.5 percent and is now sitting at 20.4 percent, IDC says. Those numbers are pretty close to recent figures from Mercury Research , which had Intel's share of the x86 space at 79.9 percent and AMD's at 19.4 percent.

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