Early Benchmarks Show Firefox 4 Beta is Still Slow

Ryan Whitwam

The first beta for Firefox 4 was released yesterday, and brought with it a host of new features. One thing we were hoping for was a significant speed boost that would bring the popular open source browser up to parity with the likes of Chrome and Safari 5. Well, keeping in mind that this is a beta, things aren't looking great in the speed department.

A benchmark of the browser with Dromaeo and Peacekeeper show that Firefox 4 is a modest improvement over Firefox 3.6, but it still can't touch Chrome or Safari. Both Safari and Chrome have been iterating their software very fast, and it's possible the Mozilla Foundation just can't keep up. Firefox has a notoriously long release cycle.

We hold out hope that the development team have some tricks up their sleeve for the final release. It would be nice to see Firefox come back after seeming to fall behind. Are you a Firefox user, or have you moved to Chrome/Safari?

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