EA Will Make Copies of Mass Effect 3 Fall From the Sky (No Joke)

Paul Lilly

We've seen some bizarre marketing stunts before, but one of the coolest ideas undoubtedly belongs to Electronic Arts. Forget for moment any ill will you have for EA and the company's refusal to play nice with Steam. EA's much hyped Mass Effect 3 will be successful even without Valve's platform, and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you'll have a chance to score a copy for free simply by reaching out and grabbing it as it falls from the sky. What the frak?

According to a report in USA Today , EA is tethering copies of Mass Effect 3 to weather balloons and launching them into space. They'll be released in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, London, and Paris, so if you live in one of those areas, don't panic if it appears the sky is falling, it just means an untold number of games have started to float back to Earth.

Also don't be surprised if things get a big ugly. EA plans to attach a GPS tracking device to each game, which eager gamers will be able to follow on MassEffect.com.

Image Credit: EA via USA Today

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