EA Lays-Off 600 in Wake of Strong Spore Sales

Nathan Grayson

How cool would it be if you could tidy up your long-to-the-point-of-swaying-in-the-breeze toe nails and save $50 million? Because that's essentially what EA did today in the process of announcing its quarterly earnings .

Everyone's favorite 37.5% of the industry laid-off 600 employees -- a mere 6% of its workforce. Apparently, that'll save the company a whopping $50 million.

"These are challenging economic times around the world, and it's impossible for any business leaders to predict the future," said spokesperson Mariam Sughayer. "However, EA has made good progress in improving product quality, building a holiday lineup of titles that is extremely strong, filling our new IP pipeline, and expanding our Direct-To-Consumer and online businesses. As well, our talent remains the best in the industry."

If nothing else, Spore was a major success -- serving 2 million marginally happy customers over the course of three weeks.

Check out the full press release on EA's investors' site , if you'd like to overwrite your childhood memories with numbers. So many numbers .

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