EA Announces Free-to-Play Browser Based Command & Conquer

Maximum PC Staff

Have you ever felt a burning desire to “leverage your social network strategically”? We definitely have -- but mostly when cage battles to the death and annoying friends who won't stop pestering us with [Location]Ville invites are involved. EA, however, is now offering an option of a more enticing (and, let's face it, plausible) sort: Command & Conquer. Hooray! Wait, this is “hooray” news, right? What's that you say? Oh. Oh goodness.

Titled Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, the game's a self-proclaimed “MMO strategy” that takes place on a “dynamically updating map.” In addition to being playable in web browsers, it'll also run on “mobile devices.”

The initial announcement , however, manages to completey avoid delving into nitty gritty gameplay details. Fortunately, that's what trailers are for. That, however, is where things start to get ugly. Arranging units in horizontal “waves”? Clicking to harvest resources? If it looks like C&C and smells like C&C but tastes like tower defense, what is it?

We haven't the foggiest, truth be told. Hopefully, the upcoming closed beta will answer that question with “a fun thing” or “a delicious pastry.” In the meantime, though, check out the trailer for yourself.

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