EA Acquires PopCap Games for $750 Million

Ryan Whitwam

It is official; Electronic Arts has purchased PopCap Games for $750 million in cash and stock. You might not know PopCap by name, but they are responsible for making some of the most addictive casual games of the last few years. Their titles include Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle, and Bejeweled.

PopCap was previously rumored to be investigating the possibility of an IPO for late this year, but EA apparently made them a juicier offer. PopCap hopes that EA’s scale and deep pockets will help them get their games in front of more people. EA is gaining additional mobile gaming expertise as that sector continues to explode.

EA launched Origin in June, a direct-to-consumer digital storefront akin to Steam. We expect to see PopCap games available in that service soon. Hopefully the games PopCap puts out continue to be as compelling as they have been in the past. But now that the company is flush with cash, what about Plants vs. Zombies 2, guys?

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