E3 2014: Roccat Sova Keyboard Prototype Joins the Living Room Gaming Fad [Video]



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John Pombrio

Lifetime Personal Table with 30-by-20-Inch Molded Top you can sometimes find them in black) works well with HTPC to play games and type on and especially mouse on. These compact keyobard/trackpad/mouse rigs work mostly for running movies and shows and are hard to type on. Stick with a lightweight table can be put at the right height and easily moved around. A must for gaming.



Agreed. A stable flat surface that isn't putting pressure on your legs is more comfortable to use over time.

The other issue I see anyway is cabling. Either this is going to be a wireless keyboard or the cable is going to have to stretch the limits of USB signaling.



if you actually watched it its a 1000hz polling rate wireless with 2 usb for gaming mice, phone charging, etc



Seriously, how has no one thought of this until now. I wasn't interested in the small form factor computers just because I hate controllers. Now I think I have a new build to make.