E3 2014: CyberPower PC Shows Off Syber Console for Big Picture Mode [Video]



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I've actually been talking with CyberpowerPC about their steam machine. I suggested a month or so ago that they just sell it with windows due to Valve dragging their feet. Not saying I showed them the light, just that I was reiterating what many have been saying. That being said, I have a bunch of questions, many that I wont be getting into here.

Joe said the they will be able to accept full size Titan Z, when will that happen? Will it be this model or the next?

downgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 7?

Also, can we remove that God awful, tacky "syber" emblem on the front? It breaks up the flow of the design, and makes it looks pretty bad.

Other than that, looks good. I'd take a i7 instead of the i3 and bump it up to 12 gb ram. good to go



I am actually thinking about investing in one of these machines. It is so much cheaper to get the hardware with them than it is to build a computer yourself... Kind of sad if you tell me.



Except you should consider what parts they use, what service they offer, etc.

My presumption is CyberPower PC uses the cheapest parts they can get away with and offer almost no real support. My family got my brother a CyberPower PC. The PSU had to be replaced a year and a half after use and when we swapped out the video card for an upgrade, they were using the low-end builder (Sparkle).

I'd rather spend the extra money on parts I know will last.



you really only buy these machines with the expectation that you don't get support. That's why it's good that they aren't using proprietary parts like Alienware does. Something breaks, just go buy a new one and replace it.

Also, 1.5 years for a psu, while that's not good by any standards, it's not the worst I've seen. psus are relatively cheap anymore.



You lost me at Windows 8.1......



You know, I kind of prefer the look of the old beige PC cases to that.