E3 2011: Mirror’s Edge 2 to be powered by Frostbite 2?



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Mirrors Edge was a fantastic game; loved every moment and they shouldn’t change a thing!  I even played it without firing a shot to get the achievement; difficult but not impossible!  I thought the pace was good, the difficulty was good, the story was good and to be fare, if you need a gun to kick some ass then go play another game... not using a gun to do a room full of people is called SKILL!  Carrying weapons would through you off balance hence not realistic.  You young people these days; its always has to be about s**t blowing up every second; have you not heard about something call a STORY!  Even in real life; a war for example, stuff doesn’t explode every second, there are times when nothing at all happens!  Constant action makes a game worse; have a good story and throw some action in.. that the perfect recipe.  My 2 cents J



This is great news, Mirror's Edge done right would be outstanding.  Dropping the fighting element is the only thing that really, really needs to be done.



I loved Mirror's Edge! It was a nice break from the norm, and the city looked amazing!



This is such a beautiful game! You have to see it to believe. Visually, it's amazing! The sound engineering I also love. The environment is unbelievable. What's frustrating are the way the game saves and how weapons are acquired and/or used...and the confrontations with the security forces. Oh...the Blues!!

It saves in the way a Nintendo game saves. You get to a point, if you don't finish, well, you have to start over.

Let me explain about the weapon part. The game encourages you to avoid confrontation and find ways to escape. However, when you do get to the point you're stuck and must confront gunfire, you're at a disadvantage. She doesn't carry an arsenal of guns like in Borderlands...well...uh...she doesn't carry any weapons, period. Give the chick a Glock, please. So, basically, this makes the "Blues" encounters a tad potty mouth enhancing at times. The fights can break up another wise splendid game experience.

Again, it's not about the weapons and the game's purpose is not to become a F.P.S. The game is about using ruse and escape routes to avoid the enemy in order to finish the

Apart the potty enhancing moments at fighting the Blues, the game should be given a try.

You need to plan things out and think a bit. It requires some patience.

The environment and sound are top notch and for that alone, I'd recommend the game to anyone.



I still haven't played the first one :| dangit



I did but got stuck at one point. Got so frustrated I haven't played it in months. Pretty fun I guess but not quite my cup of tea. Looks good though.