E3 Development Roundup

Alan Fackler

While trying to keep you afloat in all things PC gaming related at E3, we sometimes lose sight of some of the other awesome announcements outside of our department. Luckily, our sister publication GamesRadar.com has been blowing out E3 with some killer coverage. We know PC users like to be in the know about anything electronic, including video games, so we thought we'd show you some of more memorable posts from today.

Nintendo Wii U: Possibly the biggest announcement so far, Nintendo's questionably titled "Wii-U" sports a crazy looking controller and new, updated, HD graphics. Check it out here .

BioShock Infinite Gets a New Trailer: 2K Games latest is an absolute stunner to look at. Check it out.

PSP 2 is Called Playstation Vita: Sony unveiled their plans and pricing for the Playstation Vita, a new handheld gaming device available with 3G or wi-fi. Click here for more details.

Dust 514: a PS3/PC Crossover?  CCP annonced their new shooter will integrate with the very popular PC MMO, EVE Online. How is this done? Click here to find out.

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