E3 2014: Roccat Sova Keyboard Prototype Joins the Living Room Gaming Fad [Video]

Paul Lilly

Roccat experiements with peripheral design for the living room

A portion of PC gamers are migrating to the living room thanks to hard pushes by hardware vendors to build small form factor systems that look like game consoles. We've seen it with Valve and its hardware partners (Steam Machines), as well as boutique builders opting for Windows-based PCs that can take advantage of Big Picture mode in Steam. What's missing, however, are living room peripherals. This is where Roccat is stepping in -- Roccat is showing off its Sova keyboard prototype at E3 , so we stopped by to take a look.

Roccat describes the Sova as the first fully realized modular wireless keyboard and mousepad combo. It's designed to make gaming from the couch comfortable and is specifically intended to sit on your lap. The final design, if it gets that far, could end up different than what's being shown, but the concept will be the same.

"Sova is the option for gamers wishing to expand their arena without sacrificing gaming experience," says René Korte, ROCCAT founder and CEO. "Platforms like Steam are fantastic, but the experience can be devalued by the lack of adequate gaming equipment. Gamers who wish to stream PC games to a living room television will no longer need to put up with latency issues and can now experience couch gaming at its fullest."

It has flexible and adjustable parts, multiple USB ports, a machined brush aluminum design, Cherry MX mechanical key switches, and battery life that's good for up to 12 hours of game play (he says 8 hours in the video, but Roccat states 12 hours in its press release).

No word yet on price or release date. For now, Roccat is looking for feedback, which you can offer here .

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