E3 2014: Interview with Star Citizen Creator Chris Roberts [Video]

Sean D Knight

An ambitious sci-fi MMO

Star Citizen has been making waves with the unprecedented amount of money it has made from crowdfunding which is currently around $46 million. Maximum PC editor Jimmy Thang was able to interview famed video game designer and Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts about his new IP.

Chris Roberts, known for creating Wing Commander, returned to developing games after a long hiatus. In 2011 he started a Kickstarter project for Star Citizen, a new sci-fi trading and combat  MMO game, that piqued the interest of gamers and garnered over $2.1 million in Kickstarter backing . From there, interested gamers were able to keep funding the game through the official website .

Describing Star Citizen Roberts said, “The game is about space and flying around and you can go anywhere. You can start on a planet, get a mission, buy or sell goods, and get in your ship. Then take off and fly around space.”

The game will be a persistent MMO with an active AI population and dynamic economy. It will not be a subscription-based MMO, rather it will follow Guild War 2’s model of purchasing the game and no other fees. Since the game will feature a lot of ship-to-ship combat Roberts pointed out the Arena Commander Module, a dogfighter simulation within the game, being shown in the background and explained its purpose, “The idea is when you want to test out your skills and everything, you would actually go into your hangar, get into your ship, and start up the simulation. It allows you to fly and test your combat skills without risk of losing your ship.”

The reason for this simulation, Roberts went on to explain, is because of the nature of Star Citizen, “In the real, full game there’s investment in your ship and the hull and the goods. If you lose it, you get tractored back to the nearest planet and then you have to start it again.”

Star Citizen, which is being developed with high-end PC gaming in mind, is a big undertaking and Roberts is not expecting to fully release it anytime soon. When asked he replied, “It’s kind of hard to give a specific date because there is so much stuff happening.”

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