E3 2014: Eve: Valkyrie is a Virtual Reality-only Game [Video]

Sean D Knight

It's VR or nothing

Maximum PC editor Jimmy Thang was able to interview Eve: Valkyrie lead designer Ian Alexander Shiels at E3. During their discussion Shiels talked about Eve: Valkyrie and how it is a VR-only experience .

Eve: Valkyrie is being developed by CCP Games, the studio known for its ever-growing sci-fi MMO Eve Online. But last year, when the Oculus Rift started to make waves on Kickstarter, CCP Games saw potential with the new device and backed the project. The developer received several Oculus kits and starting developing content that turned into Eve: Valkyrie, a sci-fi multiplayer, dogfighting shooter.

When asked if it could be played without a VR headset Shiels replied, “We are not interested in releasing a version without VR because we feel that the VR experience is so compelling and an intrinsic part of what the game is. The whole game has been designed to work in VR and so we feel that experience would be really lacking.”

He went on to talk about the importance of a high framerate and the Eve: Valkyrie team’s experience working with the Oculus Rift team and Sony’s Project Morpheus team.

When asked when the game would be released, Shiels answered that its release is “related to the release of the hardware.”

Be sure to watch the video for the entire interview.

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