E3 2013: Unu Interview

Paul Lilly

Not your ordinary tablet.

Devices makers are aggressively pushing Android as a viable platform for your living room entertainment needs, hence consoles like Ouya, Mojo, and more. The Unu tablet is a similar attempt at getting gamers to fire up Android titles in the living room, but in a different way. It's a 7-inch slate that plugs into your TV, which in and of itself isn't a fancy trick since many tablets already have HDMI output, but the difference here is it turns your television into a smart console of sorts.

We had a chance to see the Unu tablet at E3. It comes with an air mouse (remote control) so that you can dock the tablet and sit on the couch out of arm's reach. You then navigate the tiled interface, selecting from various categories like YouTube, Smart TV, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Games, and more.

It seemed to run smooth and fast -- almost too fast, on occasion -- during our short look at the prototype device. If you want to play games, you can use the air remote, or a dedicated controller that looks similar to the Xbox's controller.

There will be two SKUs of the quad-core 7-inch Unu tablet, including a Media Edition for $199 and a Gaming Edition for $249.

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