E3 2013: Razer Blade Interview

Paul Lilly

Razer explains its Blade laptop in detail.

Most people know Razer as a player in the gaming peripheral market, or at least that's how the company's traditionally been viewed. However, Razer's been venturing past the point of peripherals and into actual gaming devices, including the Blade, which it claims is the world's thinnest gaming laptop. We were fairly impressed with last year's Blade, awarding it an 8/10 verdict in our formal review . While at E3, Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang had a chance to sit down with Razer CEO Min-Lian Tan to discuss its new Haswell-based Blade in detail.

It's thinner than a standing dime, yet still packs a Haswell chip and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M GPU. The new, smaller-size Blade is an impressive looking laptop with an aluminum chassis and backlit keyboard. Why go smaller? Tan tells Thang that it was in response to gamers' requests, as well as the growing popularity of Ultrabooks, which are portable but generally lack a gaming-grade punch.

A major focus in the design of the new Blade is performance per cubic inch, or how much performance Razer can engineer in the smallest amount of space. Using that as a guide, Razer claims its new Blade is the most powerful gaming laptop per cubic inch.

See what else Tan had to say in the video below, including his expanded thoughts on Apple vs PC :

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