E3 2013: Mad Catz Interview

Paul Lilly

Mad Catz brings its "Mojo" to E3.

Austin Powers isn't the only one with mojo. Gaming peripheral maker Mad Catz also has Mojo, only theirs is of a different kind. Specifically, it's another mini Android game console, only Mad Catz promises its will be more powerful than the competition. In addition, Mad Catz is keeping its Mojo an open platform, something that could give it a leg up against the competition. Ace reporter and Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang had a moment to speak with Mad Catz about its Mojo in detail.

One thing Thang couldn't extract from Mad Catz is what specific hardware will be inside, as the company isn't ready to back its claim that Mojo will trump the competition. The reason Mad Catz is playing coy, however, is because the company wants to make sure it's using the latest hardware available, so the specs may change by the time it releases this holiday shopping season.

The prototype on hand was running Tegra 3 hardware, though the final product will be something more powerful. Tegra 4, perhaps? Mad Catz professed its love for Nvidia, but said it wasn't necessarily committed to Tegra 4. One thing we did find out is that each Mojo will ship with a controller.

See what else Mad Catz had to say in the embedded video below!

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