E3 2013: Freddie Wong Videogame High School Interview

Paul Lilly

Behind the scenes with the cast of Video Game High School web series.

If you haven't already, spend some time getting caught up on Video Game High School, an action comedy web series by Rocket Jump. Through nine episodes in Season 1, VGHS has amassed around 36 million views on YouTube . Obviously the idea of professional gamers being elevated to star status is striking a chord with viewers. We had a chance to sit down with Freddie Wong, a gaming celebrity in his own right and one of the founders of Rocket Jump, along with the cast of VGHS.

Wong and crew explain the premise behind VGHS along with various inspirations. Having completed Season 1 of the web series, work has already begun on a second Season, Wong says.

Season 2 will see an expansion of the VGHS universe with the various characters having their own story lines. You can expect TV length (22 minutes) episodes in the upcoming season, a decision that was made in response to the overwhelmingly positive response to the series.

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