E3 2013: DayZ

Paul Lilly

Survival + zombies = DayZ

Gamers have been fighting zombies in virtual worlds for several years, though the theme has arguably never been more popular than it is right now. One title that we're looking forward to playing is DayZ , an upcoming multi-player open world survival horror game where you'll have to keep your character fed, watered, and clothed. No easy task when the world is overrun by zombies.

Maximum PC Online Editor Jimmy Thang caught up with DayZ designer Dean Hall to talk about the upcoming game, which is in development with Bohemia Interactive. DayZ, as you're probably aware, started off as a mod for Arma 2. It became popular, so Hall began working with Bohemia to develop a standalone game, which is what was being shown at E3.

One of the differences between the mod and upcoming game is that Arma 2 is a first person shooter whereas Day is being designed as an MMO.

"We basically remade the engine as an MMO," Hall told Thang.

You'll meet other people in the game and it will be up to you whether or not to join up or kill them and take their stuff.

Check it out below!

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