E3 2013: A Look at Battlefield 4

Paul Lilly

Dominate on all fronts: Land, air, and sea!

Battlefield 4 , the 13th installment in the popular Battlefield franchise, is due to release on October 29, 2013 in North America and shortly after in other parts of the world on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Some of the elements will be the same or similar to prior versions, like the heads-up display (HUD) with a mini-map and compass in the lower left corner, and ammo counter and health meter in the lower right. The potential for destruction is greater than it's ever been, as we got a chance to see first hand at E3.

We have three BF4 videos to share, the first of which shows narrated gameplay elements. One of the cooler things we got to see was the destruction of a skyscraper, which is always an option if you're having trouble taking out your enemy's defenses in a particular location.

The second video shows nearly six minutes of unscripted gameplay, as E3 attendees got a chance to strap on their military boots and join the action. All the footage you see is from next-gen platforms.

One of the most interesting elements is the return of Commander Mode, which we last saw in Battlefield 2142. This gives players a tactical map and the ability to issue orders. You can use Commander Mode to gather intelligence and issue supply drops, among other things. And, you can do these things from a tablet. Have a look:

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