E-Ink not Just Good for eBook Readers, Good for Watches Too!

Paul Lilly

Seiko is trying to bring digital watches back in style, and to help do that, the company is equipping new models with e-ink displays.

This isn't the first time Seiko has gone this route, having used e-ink in a handful of limited edition watches for the ladies a few years back. They never really took off, which Seiko hopes is only because it was an idea slightly ahead of its time.

These second-gen e-ink watches sport an active matrix display that allows the screen to "actively" refresh itself whenever needed. The battery is only used when changing the display, so in theory, these suckers should run for long, long periods of time.

It's also equipped with a solar cell, and the movement is radio controlled so that it receives its time from an atomic clock. It all looks pretty promising (and geeky), and if the recent ebook price war is any indication, these things might actually end up being affordable too.

More specs and info here .

Image Credit: Seiko

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