Nathan Edwards Jun 24, 2008

Dynapower USA Hachiman

At A Glance


Sweet exterior, marred by the designer's sloppiness in not painting the entire case.


Manually connecting single pins to single connectors just plain sucks.

When Dynapower’s Hachiman case hit the Maximum PC Lab, we were immediately taken aback by the coolness of its paint job. We’ve never been fans of anime, nor do we normally consider a case’s aesthetics during a review. That said, the Hachiman definitely gets points for looks. It’s not perfect; the paint has a bumpy, orange-peel texture, the decals don’t line up, and only half of the case’s chassis has a beautiful black undercoat. The other half is standard, butt-ugly gray.

Still, it’s a pity that such a nice bit of work on the exterior is completely and totally marred by one of the most unpleasant interiors we’ve ever seen. Where do we even begin? We’ll start with the one good note—the case comes with a 600W power supply, which is a nice little inclusion that spares you from having to buy one yourself.

Stuffing accessories into the front panel of the case requires you to use the Hachiman’s flimsy, screwless mounting devices. They work, but not very well. And they’re ugly, but that’s beside the point. The case’s screwless PCI holders function slightly better, but again, we’ve seen better designs.

The true deal-breaker for us isn’t the case’s front-panel LCD display—though its blue hue destroys the red aesthetic of the case—but rather, the front-panel connectors themselves. Unlike virtually all the other cases we’ve seen, which bundle front-panel connectors into an easy-to-connect-to-the-mobo block, the Hachiman case forces you to bust out your motherboard’s manual and connect pins one at a time. Weak sauce, Dynapower.


Dynapower USA Hachiman

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