DVD Screener of "The Social Network" Hits BitTorrent

Ryan Whitwam

The hit film "The Social Network" has made a boatload of cash, over $75 million in the US alone. But now BitTottent users have the opportunity to see a high quality version of it for free. A DVD screener of the movie has wormed its way onto BitTorrent , and the internets are eating it up. The torrent has been downloaded well over 100,000 times so far, with the plurality of users (31%) residing in the US.

DVD screeners are studio owned copies of a film used for distribution to trusted groups like studio personnel and those considering a film for awards. This digital copy is usually of good quality, but short of a final DVD. This new leak almost certainly came from a studio source.

While no one can be sure, it is unlikely that this will have any real impact on ticket sales. After three weeks, the bulk of sales have already been made.

Leaked screen capture via TorrentFreak

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