Dutch Touchy Remix Presents Snazzy Colored Multitouch Table

Ryan Whitwam

A company from the Netherlands called Intactlab has created a multitouch table computer that might actually be usable. Whereas most of these contraptions have been shaped like big boxes, this unit Is actually shaped like a table you could pull a chair up to. While the UI looks eminently usable, the name is suspect. Intactlab is calling the product the Touchy Remix.

The fiberglass shell has a 40 inch projection display with a resolution of 1280x800. Multitouch is accomplished via IR sensors in the table. The underlying hardware is actually a Mac Mini. Intactlab has custom software running on OS X doing the multitouch. It appears that regular Mac apps will not be able to fully utilize this feature.

The Intactlab site doesn’t list a price, but instead asks you to submit contact information to receive a quote. That’s not a good sign.

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