Dustball Vacuum Concept Really Sucks

Paul Lilly

Designer Dave Hakkens said he was inspired by a hamster ball when he came up with the idea for his Dustball, a giant robotic vacuum cleaner that rolls around the floor sucking up dirt.

"I created a little friend just rolling around and which you could push or kick in a direction to clean," Hakkens explains . "It has no trouble with cables or anything like that, it's strong, and when it rolls before your feet you just kick it out of the way."

When the Dustball gets its fill of dirt, it rolls back to its original destination and glows, letting you know it's time to empty the dust bucket inside.

We have to admit, it's a cool looking design, and maybe even functional for large open areas, but the shape could be problematic when it comes to vacuuming near walls, under tables, and near furniture.

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