Dungeons & Dragons Online Goes Free-to-Play with DDO: Eberron Unlimited

Nathan Grayson

Subscription fees are no fun, but for some reason, quickly deflating your wallet through the age old art of shopping is! D&D Online developer Turbine understands this, and is revamping its MMO to suit your primal, non-committal money spending instincts.

Titled Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited , this new version of the sadly overlooked MMO will be completely free-to-play. Well, mostly. Downloading the game and creating a character will be as easy as one-two-free, but a new establishment known as “the DDO Store” looks to be an ever-looming temptation. Just a few clicks around the shop and you’ll be the proud new owner of unspecified “additional content and items,” but – if iTunes and other such storefronts have taught us anything – the Store’s aim will likely be to nickel-and-dime your paychecks into penniless oblivion. And thanks to miniscule individual price tags, you might not even notice you’re spending more than the game’s original subscription fee!

Fortunately for those compulsive shoppers who’ve decided to heed our warnings, all hope is not lost. For a “low monthly price,” the “new” DDO VIP program (read: subscription) will act as your golden ticket to the entire game. Sure, you’ll still be able to buy weapons and armor and whatnot from the DDO Store, but at least you’ll have access to all of the game’s adventure content from the get-go.

DDO Unlimited’s beta launches today, and the final product goes live this summer. We figure it’ll at least be worth a look, but just remember: There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch .

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