Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited Goes Live

Nathan Grayson

After all those hip, flashy – even a bit sexy – delays and lawsuits , we nearly forgot that there was actually a game attached to this Dungeons & Dragons Online business. But there is! And it’s good! So when Turbine sent us a press release heralding the free-to-play MMO’s launch, we decided to pass the “hear ye, hear ye” onto you, our lovely readers.

“Today Turbine changes the way gamers experience their online entertainment by providing them with a choice in how they pay and play for a premium MMO,” said Jim Crowley, CEO of Turbine, Inc.  “The DDO Unlimited Beta program has been a huge success and the initial response to the game from both press and players has been nothing short of phenomenal.  In response, we have already more than doubled our capacity to handle the increased demand.”

Want to know more about the game? Go here . If you’ve already loaded up on potions and traded your real-life D&D buddies for a decent gaming rig, however, your quest is nearly at an end. Just head over to DDO’s website , download the game client, and enjoy!

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