Duke Nukem Forever to Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum in 3D Vision

Paul Lilly

Duke Nukem's been out of bubble gum for over 13 years and it's safe to say he's long overdue to kick some ass. He'll get his chance to do that starting tomorrow, June 14th, when Duke Nukem Forever finally launches, and for those with the requisite hardware, you'll get to see him stomp on alien scum in 3D. That's because Nvidia today announced DNF will provide full support for its 3D Vision platform.

"3D Vision adds an amazing new dimension to the Duke Nukem Forever experience, virtually dropping you right into the game," said Randy Pitchford , president and CEO of Gearbox Software. "All Gearbox developers use Nvidia graphics in development, and I use Nvidia graphics at home. This is the closest you'll get to feeling what it's like to be the King!"

With Nvidia Surround technology, gamers will be able to see Duke battle aliens and chug beer in 3D across three Full HD 1080p displays, or in 2D across three 2560x1600 displays.

Nvidia also said it's partnering with EVGA to launch Duke's " Fully Loaded Package ," a special edition bundle that includes the Duke Nukem Forever PC game, themed Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 graphics card, limited edition DNF strategy guide art book and mouse pad, and a custom Duke Nukem "Radioactive" belt buckle.

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