Duke Nukem Forever Demoed

Paul Lilly

Duke Nukem fans owe Gearbox a Thank You card, because thanks to the Texas-based game development company, Duke Nukem Forever has morphed from arguably the most popular vaporware of all time to a game we now actually expect to ship on time (on time being 12+ years after the fact).

Still skeptical? After waiting more than a decade for a sequel, you should be. But to reaffirm that the game is on track, Gearbox is apparently taking DNF on a world tour starting with a live demo in Amsterdam .

Check out the 9 minute video below, just be warned this is Duke Nukem we're talking about, so it's probably not a good idea to click the play button at work or in front of small children. It has it all -- language, sexual content, violence, and of course drawing man parts on a dry erase board.

Thoughts on the demo? Hit the jump and sound off!

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