Dual Screen Samsung Continuum Headed for Verizon

Ryan Whitwam

Verizon customers that are scoping out the Samsung Fascinate to fill that Galaxy S shaped hole in their lives might want to hold off for just a bit. The first shots of the supposed Samsung Continuum have leaked and this handset has a pretty interesting trick up its sleeve. The space under the main display is actually a small OLED screen that can be used to display information.

This secondary screen is called the "Ticker" and will show notifications, RSS feeds, and even weather. The small screen here will turn itself on when you grasp the bottom of the phone. The selling point is that users will need to fire up that big power-hungry display less often. It could amount to big power savings over the course of a day.

No release details or pricing information is available, but it's definitely Galaxy S branded, and heading to Verizon. No clue as to the Bing content of this phone. Any takers?

Image via Engadget

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