Dual-Screen Laptops the Latest Rage


Know why your next notebook might sport two displays? Because the concept is pretty rad, for one. But the real reason is because it appears manufacturers are starting to jump on the double-screen bandwagon that hasn't even left the corral just yet.

It started back in January of this year when Lenovo released its dual-screen W700ds, and then more recently Alaska-based gScreen promised to release a dual 15.4-inch screen laptop dubbed the Spacebook in time for the holidays. The latest to enter the double-wide fray is Japan-based PC maker Kohjinsha, who's been showing off a laptop with two widescreen LCDs.

Both screens measure 10.1 inches with one of them sliding out from behind the other so users can still close the unit like a typical notebook. Other hardware includes an AMD Athlon Neo-MV40 processor (1.6GHz), 4GB of memory, Bluetooth, a TV tuner, a biometric fingerprint reader, and Windows 7 Home Premium.

According to Cnet, the unit weighs about 4 pounds. What isn't known is how much it will cost or when and where it will be available.

Image Credit: Cnet  (Scott Ard)

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