Dual-Channel RAM Not Recognized


My motherboard will not read dual-channel memory. It’s a Biostar TForce 4; the CPU is an AMD 64 X2 dual-core at 3.2GHz with 4GB of DDR/400 RAM. On boot it only reads single-channel RAM. Is my motherboard going bad?

—Richard Bellucci

You likely have the RAM in the incorrect slots in the motherboard. This is a very common mistake, thanks to the lack of a unified standard for labeling slots. Even the most experienced system builders will flub this on occasion. Think of the dual-channel memory as a double-barreled shotgun. You need to populate each separate barrel or channel to run in dual-channel mode.

Looking at the manual for the TForce 4 AM2, it looks like you need to have your modules in the first two slots closest to the CPU. To check what mode your motherboard is running in, download the free CPU-Z utility from Cpuid.com and click the Memory tab. On the right-hand side, you should see the reported memory mode the board is currently in.

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