DSLR Compact Flash Users, Get Into the SD/SDHC (and Eye-Fi) Game with CFMulti


If you're a Compact Flash user, life's not been fair to you lately. You've seen CF stalwarts like Nikon and Canon turn their backs on this longtime favorite in favor of the new kid on the block, SDHC, in their newest DSLRs. Buy a new camera, and you make your collection of CF cards obsolete. Meanwhile, you've watched SDHC and its kid brother, SD, dominate the deals in your favorite big-box electronics superstores' weekly tabloids. And, just to add a cherry on the top of your cake of frustration, you've been thinking about how cool it would be to use wireless file transfer with Eye-Fi cards, but Eye-Fi is also in the tank for SD. Oh, and did I mention that "Compact" Flash is now the bulkiest flash memory format?

For all these reasons, Synchrotech's introduction of the CFMulti CompactFlash Type II to Eye-Fi + Multi-Card Adapter has come at a very good time. While CF adapters for SD cards have been around for awhile, the CFMulti also supports newer flavors such as SDHC and MMC+ as well as SD and any old MultiMediaCards (MMC) you have floating around. Plus, it's the first adapter to support Eye-Fi cards, albeit with a reduction in range. See the CFMulti and Eye-Fi FAQ for details and a list of tested cameras.

In addition to enabling some CF-based cameras to use Eye-Fi cards, this adapter will be helpful to users of Nikon and Canon DSLRs that use a mixture of CF and SD/SDHC cards. At $28.00, it takes some of the sting out of making the move from CF-based cameras such as the Canon Rebel XTi or Nikon D70 to SD/SDHC-based cameras like the Canon Rebel XSi, Rebel XS or Nikon D90. You can still use high-speed UDMA Compact Flash cards when you need the absolute best speed on your CF-based cameras, but you can now take advantage of numerous deals on easier-to-tote SD and SDHC cards. Sweet!

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CFMulti illustration courtesy of Terry White's Tech Blog .

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