DSL Not Out of the Game yet with New 40Mbps Service from Qwest

Paul Lilly

Qwest today announced plans to offer high-speed DSL service in 23 markets over the next few months, with service up to 40Mbps. Some of these markets include Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Omaha, Phoenix, and Des Moines, Iowa.

Depending on where subscribers live in relation to the remote terminal, the full 40Mpbs won't be available to all of them, but Travis Leo, Qwest's DSL director, did promise that "almost all" will see at least 12Mbps speeds. Those who live closer to the remote terminal will see faster speeds.

One advantage Qwest's fiber-to-the-node rollout will have over most cable broadband services is much faster upstream speeds. Qwest says subscribers can expect up to 20Mbps upstream, whereas most cable subscribers are lucky to reach a fraction of that speed (there are exceptions, of course).

Packages start at $100 for the first 12 months for the new service when also packaged with home phone service.

Image Credit: digitalpilgrim.typepad.com

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