Dropbox Rolls Out Revamped Desktop Client

Pulkit Chandna

Latest stable build features new tray popup UI

San Francisco-based cloud storage company Dropbox on Tuesday updated its desktop client, transforming the hitherto bland tray menu into something much more pleasant and useful.

Although this is the eighth time that the Dropbox desktop client has been updated this year, this latest build (version 2.0) is significant because the tray menu has not only received a much-needed facelift but also some added functionality. The new and improved Dropbox menu keeps the user informed of the most recent file changes and notifies them in real time when something is shared with them.

“We’ve made it easier than ever to accept invitations to shared folders, see links or albums that people have shared with you, and keep tabs on what’s changed in your Dropbox,” wrote Dropbox engineer Max Belanger in a blog post Tuesday .

“If someone shares a link with you, you can now get to it immediately — directly from the Dropbox menu! You’ll get notifications in real time as people share with you, and can see them later just by clicking the Dropbox icon. You can also accept or decline invitations to shared folders directly from your desktop.”

According to the release notes for this version, the new menu design is currently available on both Mac OSX (Snow Leopard and above) and  Windows (XP and above), but not on Linux.

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