Dropbox Makes a Mad Dash to 25 Million Members

Paul Lilly

Dropbox is quickly turning into a Silicon Valley success story of epic proportions. In January 2010, the cloud-based file syncing and sharing service had attracted 4 million fans, an impressive number for a startup that, at the time, was less than three years old. And now? Dropbox today announced that more than 25 million people are using the service to save more than 200 million files every day.

"Dropbox transforms the way people create and share their life's work," said Drew Houston , CEO and co-founder of Dropbox. "Whether that's designing buildings, writing music, or raising a family, we're focused on making it effortless to have your files wherever you need them, on any computer or phone. With this first step, we're excited to reach new people around the world and delight them with all the ways Dropbox can simplify their lives."

Houston speaks for millions of users, including paying customers in more than 175 countries. In fact, over half of all Dropbox users live outside the U.S., Dropbox says. And starting today, anyone viewing www.dropbox.from from a Web browser with Spanish, German, French, or Japanese language preferences will automatically see the website in their native language.

Do you use Dropbox? If not, what's your favorite file sharing/synching service?

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