Dropbox Hits Version 1.0

Ryan Whitwam

Dropbox has announced today that their desktop sync software has reached version 1.0 . In addition to all the bug fixes, this new version brings new features to the table. First and foremost, users will notice that file syncs happen much faster now. The entire client-side sync engine has been redesigned to be faster and lighter weight. Memory usage should only be 50% of what it was with older versions. Dropbox has also redesigned the UI of their program on all platforms to be more intuitive.

When you checkout the sync settings, you may also notice a new option called Selective Sync. With this feature, you can control which Dropbox folders are synced to that specific device. There is also better resource fork syncing for Mac users.

Dropbox accounts are free, and come with 2GB of free storage. If you are a current user, and haven't updated your Dropbox software in a while, head over to the site and get the new version. We’re a little sorry to say ours was very out of date.

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