Dropbox Doubles Storage Capacity for Paying Customers, Adds 500GB Plan

Paul Lilly

Congratulations are in order for Dropbox Pro subscribers, who went to bed one night and woke up the next morning to find they had double the online storage capacity to play with at no additional charge. As competition in the cloud sector starts stacking up a mile high, Dropbox bumped its 50GB ($9.99 per month) and 100GB ($19.99) Pro plans to 100GB and 200GB, respectively, and added a 500GB plan that runs $49.99 per month.

"Since time immemorial (2008), folks have been asking us for a bigger Dropbox. We’ve heard from architects with giant drafting files and photographers with huge portfolios, but mostly we hear from families who have more than 100 GB of photos, docs and videos," Dropbox stated in a blog post . "Today we're happy to announce that our upgrades are getting a huge upgrade."

A 'Packrat' option that affords users unlimited undo history can be added to any of the three plans for $39 per year. And of course Dropbox still offers a free storage tier that gives non-paying customers 2GB, or up to 18GB via 500MB referral bonuses.

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