Dropbox Automator Makes an Amazing Service Even Better

Maximum PC Staff

Dropbox is a fantastically useful cloud storage tool for anyone who has more than one device, be it PC, Mac, or mobile. Other services such as Microsoft’s Skydrive offer more storage for free, but Dropbox’s amazing API access has made it the third party storage solution of choice for power users and novices alike. These API’s are normally used to tap into your account to dump files, however a recently founded software development firm by the name of Wappwolf is taking it to the next level. Releasing a new tool called “Dropbox Automator” , Wappwolf has made it easy to create super folders that are configured to perform common tasks on any files you place there.

After granting Wappwolf access to your account , you can use their simple online configuration tool to setup rules for any existing folder in your Dropbox. Here is a run-down of the types of files it supports, and the type of automations it is capable of.

Documents : Convert to PDF, Summarize, Translate, Convert PDF to TXT, Upload to Slideshare, Sign PDF

Pictures : Upload to Facebook, Upload to Flickr, Downscale Resolution, Rotate Image, Write text on image, Photo Effect, Stamp Logo, Stamp Map, Stamp Dislike.

Any File : Email, Zip, Save To Another Dropbox Folder, Rename, Upload to FTP, Encrypt, Decrypt.

Send Info : Tweet, Set Facebook Status.

I’m sure we can expect many more useful automations in the not so distance future, but so far they are off to a great start. Currently the only complaint I can see people having is in regards to the speed. Conversions for example seem to be the worst, with some seeming to take several minutes to follow through. It’s likely however this is mostly a result of the service’s instant popularity, and should improve over time as more servers come online.

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