Droid RAZR Revealed Early

Ryan Whitwam

This may be bad news to anyone that bought a Droid Bionic last month on Verizon. The Droid RAZR is expected to be announced tomorrow, and bring the RAZR branding roaring back with a slim design and 4G LTE on board. There’s a new teaser site up ahead of tomorrow’s event, and it leaves little to the imagination .

There is a full-size press photo of the new device on the teaser page. Unlike the Bionic and other LTE devices, the Droid RAZR looks to be extremely thin, and has a stylish kevlar back plate. Previous rumors have pegged the device as having the same dual-core OMAP chip found in the Bionic. Essentially, this looks like a better version of a phone that Verizon just released a month ago.

Sources at Verizon have been saying that the Bionic launch was so bungled, that Big Red eventually just released the device out of contractual obligation. The Droid RAZR and other device may soon overtake it. At the very least, we hope that a price drop is in the Bionic’s future.

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