Droid Razr Maxx Official for January 26th for $299

Ryan Whitwam

Verizon and Motorola turned some heads at CES 2012 when they announced an update to the just released Droid Razr, the Droid Razr Maxx. Verizon has finally cut short the waiting game and announced that the Maxx is out on January 26 for $299 on-contract. To the great annoyance of Razr owners, the Maxx brings some notable spec bumps, and sells for the same price users paid for the first Razr a few months ago.

The Droid Razr Maxx has 16GB of internal storage, as well as a massive boost in battery capacity to 3,300mAh. The original Razr rocked just a 1780mAh cell. Like the first Razr, the battery in the Maxx is non-removable and hidden behind a kevlar back. The trade off is that the Razr Maxx is slightly thicker than its predecessor at 8.99mm, which is still quite thin.

The Maxx will have the same qHD screen, 8MP camera, and 4G LTE radio as the regular Razr. A version of the Razr lacking an SD card is already selling for $199, but the 32GB variant is still $299. We expect a price drop.

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